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learn about love, God, our natural world, and ourselves

learn to give to the Earth and her creatures,
without demand or expectation

help to create a new world of love

It’s all about love, it’s all about not expecting to get anything but actually loving the earth, loving the plants that are growing there, not expecting to get from them but actually to give

~ no demands or expectations ~

"It’s about giving to the earth and giving to the complete environment, and as soon as you have a demand you are no longer giving. For instance, if you plant a mango tree so that it bears mangos so you can eat the mangos, you now have a demand. It’s no longer loving, and of course that tree is not going to do as well as if it had no expectations.

"Now all of the things God has created want to do what they desire to do for us. God created them to do those things. But as soon as we put the demand on them – how do you feel when you have a demand on you? Doesn’t it feel pretty yucky? Ladies, when a guy demands sex from you, how does that feel? If you can remember that, the demand feels pretty bad, right? Every time you have a demand of a tree to produce some fruit for you, you are projecting almost the same thing at that tree, and the tree is not going to enjoy that very much.

"Many of you have planted fruit trees in your garden because you want them to bear fruit, have you not? … Ironically (when we have no demands from them) the trees will bear more fruit. And we’ll appreciate them as such a gift then. At the moment it’s like a demand that we want met, and if they don’t, then, 'Bad tree.' ” [AJ Miller & Mary Luck 4/2/11]

We’re helping to create God’s kingdom on earth. We're learning to be self-reflecting and learning about how our emotions and our injuries contribute to the damage that’s already there. And we can pray about that and ask for God’s guidance and God’s truth.

~ our emotions affect our world ~

"Many of you on your own properties have been doing this or doing that, not realizing that your emotions are working in the total opposite direction as to what you’re doing. So if my emotions are really angry and frustrated for example, automatically my environment is feeling this. And automatically my environment is acting in a certain way as a result of my feeling, and you’re going to have to come to terms with how the emotions and injuries are affecting everything.

"We’ve been even noting the names of the people who dug the hole, and what happens to that hole. And what happens to the plant that gets put in that hole." [AJ Miller 4/2/11]

Plants reflect the emotions of the person who are emotionally connected to them, whether or not those persons are physically present. [AJ Miller 4/5/2011]

Associations of emotions to plant conditions:

fear causes deficiency of magnesium

a problem of self-love causes deficiency of aluminum

self-punishment causes deficiency of boron (rust)

problem in cooperation causes deficiency in potassium

denial of relationship with God causes deficiency of zinc (curly leaf)

lack of engaging desires/avoiding personal truth about desires causes deficiency in phosphorus

lack of longing for truth causes deficiency in sulfur

fear of knowing truth causes deficiency in nitrogen

anger at injustice causes deficiency in iron (leaf miners)

lack of faith in yourself results in not oxidizing minerals properly

not trusting the flow results in breaks on branches

our desire for safety and our fears related to wintertime cause plants to shut down for the winter

our desire to have oxygen (to breathe) results in evergreen plants

[AJ Miller 4/5/2011]

The Plants Respond: An Interview with Cleve Backster by Derrick Jensen, in The Sun magazine, July 1997

~ creating loving ecosystems ~

Click here to learn the principles and practical methods of creating loving ecosystems, applicable to your own backyard and to the entire world. They are presented in seven brief lessons by AJ Miller, available in text or MP3s.

~ the way to god ~

Desire For Divine Love - a sincere passionate desire and longing to receive Divine Love from God, and to become loving in ALL aspects of our own personal life and being

Desire For Divine Truth - a sincere passionate desire and longing to receive Divine Truth from God, including all of God’s Truth about our personal self, and to live Truth in ALL aspects of our own personal life and

Humility - a sincere passionate desire and longing to FEEL all of our own emotions and feelings, no matter whether those emotions and feelings are pleasurable or painful to feel, without attempting to involve others, blame others or hurt others, whether those emotions make people around us uncomfortable or afraid; a passionate desire to emotionally see ourselves as God sees us

~ the prayer for divine love ~

Our Mother-Father in Heaven, I recognize that You are All Holy and Loving and Merciful, and that I am Your Child, and not the subservient, sinful and depraved creature that false teachers would have me believe. I know that I amthe Greatest of Your Creations and the Most Wonderful of all Your Handiworks, and the object of your Great Soul’s Love and Tenderest Care.

I know that Your Will is that I become At-One with You and partake of Your Great Love which You have bestowed upon me through Your Mercy and desire that I become, in truth, Your Child through Love, and not through the sacrifice and death of any of Your Creatures.

I pray that You will open up my Soul to the inflowing of Your Love, and that then will come your Holy Spirit to bring into my Soul this, Your Divine Love, in Great Abundance, until my Soul is transformed into the Very Essence of Yourself; and that there will come to me Faith—such Faith as will cause me to realize that I am truly Your Child and one with You in Very Substance, and not in image only.

Let me have such Faith as will cause me to know that You are My Mother-Father, and the Bestower of every Good and Perfect Gift, and that only I myself can prevent Your Love changing me from the mortal into the Immortal. Let me never cease to realize that Your Love is waiting for each and all of us, and, that when I come to You in Faith and Earnest Aspiration, Your Love will never be withheld from me.

Keep me in the shadow of Your Love every hour and moment of my life, and help me to overcome all temptations of the flesh, and the influence of the powers of the evil ones who so constantly surround me and endeavour to turn my thoughts away from You to the pleasures and allurements of this world.

I thank You for Your Love and the privilege of receiving it, and I believe that You are My Mother-Father—the Loving Mother-Father who smiles upon me in my weakness, and is always ready to help me and take me into Your Arms of Love.

I pray this with all the earnestness and sincere longings of my Soul, and, trusting in Your Love, give You all the Glory and Honour and Love that my finite soul can give.


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